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Gas Handling Systems

We specialize in design, fabrication, installation and validation of high purity gas and chemical delivery systems.

Specialty gases place particular demands on gas distribution components due to individual purity, toxicity and corrosive properties. The quality of your gas supply is no better than your gas distribution system. EXCEL Gas specialty equipment offers a variety of central gas supply panels and point of use equipment to maintain system integrity and purity at all times.

Choice of Materials

The choice of materials for gas supply systems is determined by the gas to be distributed and the level of contamination that can be accepted in the gas. The inner surface finish of components is therefore of great importance to the final purity of the gas at the point of use. A better surface finish will also make the pipe system easier to clean and reduces the risk of particles being released into the gas stream.

In recent years stainless steel has become the number one choice of material for pure gas applications, because it is resistant to corrosion, as well as being consistent with the high standards of cleanliness & appearance in modern laboratories.

While designing / planning for a Central Gas Distribution System, following four factors play an important role

Design & Engineering

  • A quality supply system requires experience and expertise to design and install. EXCEL Gas can design and installs these systems in accordance with your requirements.
  • We ensure your gas distribution system meets demand requirements, as well as any local or regional safety requirements.
  • Quality

  • Maintaining the integrity of the gas quality from the time it gets delivered / leaves the cylinder to the actual point of use / to the instrument.
  • Management and employees are responsible and are committed to Creating value to our customers through superior service quality.
  • Safety

  • At The EXCEL Gas, we do not want to harm people or the environment. That's why we follow our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) policy in everything we do. We place the highest value on the health and safety of our people, the environment and all who come into contact with our business.
  • Ensuring that all operations, products and services are free from unacceptable risks to health and safety of our customers, employees, business associates, community and environment.
  • Economy

  • A continuous gas supply to each work station means less wasted time and fewer unplanned disruptions for changing gas cylinders.
  • Fewer and larger gas cylinders which together supply all users, means more effective cylinder management, which in turn gives lower costs for gas and cylinder rental as well as transport charges.
  • Aestheticness

  • Outlets positioned at each work station are convenient and easy to use.
  • The work place can be designed more appropriately - better space management and economics.
  • Greatly reduces risk to personnel.