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QA & Safety

Quality has always been in the center of EXCEL Gas attention as it is the straight way to customers' satisfaction. We approach quality assurance at various levels of operations, guaranteeing highest level of quality in processes and products.

  • Defining Validation system
  • Developing Validation tools
  • Defining Quality Check list
  • Documentation
  • Validation Through MOC Test, Snoop Test, Helium Leak Test, Moisture Test, Boroscopy, Particle Count Test, Third Party Validation
  • Values

    The EXCEL Gas Safety Office

    Not Compromise defined safety standards to achieve goals.

    Expect commitment, leadership and accountability of all personnel for environmental, security, and safety performance for the job and community.

    Support and implement a team-oriented work environment, ensuring cooperation and professionalism.

    Maintain high standards of environmental, security, and safety performance, and conduct our work discretion, integrity, to provide objective, unbiased information and analysis.

    Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

    We shall strive to prevent, eliminate or reduce emissions, occupational illness and injuries and waste from every stage of our operations and continually improve our environmental, occupational health and safety performance and customer satisfaction.

    Each employee is responsible to maintain a safe and healthy work place, protect and improve the environment and create value for our customers.
    Excel Gas leading calibration gas suppliers in india. We are also knows as gas cylinder safety We approach quality assurance at various levels of operations, guaranteeing highest level of quality in processes and products.

    Management and employees are responsible and are committed to

  • Creating value to our customers through superior service quality.
  • Ensuring that all operations, products and services are free from unacceptable risks to health and safety of our customers, employees, business associates, community and environment.
  • Ensuring compliance to legal and statutory requirements including applicable corporate requirement of Customers
  • We shall achieve this by

  • Implementing an Integrated Management system covering Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Complying with all applicable Legal requirements and rules and regulation of Customers.
  • Operating, maintaining, reviewing and improving our activities, policies, procedures and processes to improve the effectiveness of our management system and overall performance.
  • Being responsive to our employees, customers, business associates and the community.
  • Building a team of empowered people with strong values and Leadership.
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